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Contact Lenses Program

Dear patient, Eye Health Consultants greatly appreciates the opportunity to serve you with the highest standards of eye care available.

We are committed to do our best to educate and preserve our patients’ eye health, and to succeed on this endeavor we have designed the Contact Lens Advance Program (CLAP) and we are proud to offer it to you.

You can be assured the contacts we provide are only the highest quality and if you decide to take advantage of our Contact Lens Advance Program, their cost will be also the most competitive of any contact lens source. But affordable contact lenses and high standards in contact lenses care are only part of the program. In addition to all of this, CLAP will provide you with the following benefits at no extra charge:

  • Free pair of plano color contacts

  • Lowest cost on contact lenses guaranteed. (Lowest market cost available)
  • Design Sunglasses with UV protection (Optional; $10.00 copay)
  • Complete eye exam at 50% discount of the standard fee for any ONE member of your family.
  • 50 % off on any spectacles frame. **
  • 20 % fee reduction on any office visits, (including ophthalmic medical visits).
  • Unlimited CL’s follow-up visits for as long as it is necessary.
  • Integrated internet webpage with your own account ID and password to reorder your contacts.
  • For patients who run out of contact lenses, an extra set of (*)disposable CL’s will be provided at no charge, in case of emergency or to carry the patient until their next exam or supply arrives. Eye Health Consultants is always backing you up, when you most may need it.
* Parameters availability restrictions. ** (limitations apply on high-end brand name frames)
This amazing umbrella of benefits is valid for ONE year from the time of the contact lens evaluation and can be renewed annually for a fraction of what you pay today. Yearly Professional Fees: Includes Contact Lens fitting & Evaluation, CL follow-up services, with or without one year supply of contact lenses.