Personalized Eye Health Solutions and
Specialty Eye Care

It is with great pleasure we welcome you to our specialty eye care home.

Eye Health Consultants provides patients with premium eye care and management of eye conditions such as glaucoma, anterior segment eye disease, pink eye treatment, and dry eye syndrome, macular degeneration, non-surgical vision correction (Ortho-k / Corneal Molding), binocular vision disorders, and optical services for glasses and contact lenses.

Our professional team delivers outstanding, caring, and personalized eye care.

We focus on personalized eye health solutions and eye education. Dr. Arroyo and his professional eye care team strives to ensure the patient's full comprehension of the ocular findings with the assistance of the state of the art 3-D animated eye software and digital microscopy imaging. 

This technology is useful to show you the causes of dry eyes, refractive conditions, glaucoma, and other diseases of the optic nerve, eye treatment options, specific procedures in eye surgery, and more.

We work with our patients in a very personalized way, we believe in a patient-centered health care model, rather than a disease-centered one.

Julio C. Arroyo

Dr. Arroyo specializes in Wave Corneal Molding, an advanced modality of Orthokeratology.

It is also known as Vision Shaping Treatment, Corneal Refractive Therapy, Corneal Molding, Non-surgical Vision Correction, and Accelerated Ortho-K.

Ortho-K is not new, but the results and the effectiveness of myopia eye treatment, as well as hyperopia and astigmatism, have never been better.

Corneal Molding is a revolutionary technology that allows the right candidate to free themselves from daytime glasses or contacts.

Dr. Arroyo has lectured and trained American doctors and eye care specialists from other countries in related subjects such as hyperopic and multifocal corneal molding, a modality that allows patients to see and read free of glasses or daytime contacts.

Welcome to the new Genetic Era and the birth of personalized medicine.

Energenetic Wellness Consultants is at the forefront of healthcare by providing personalized health and wellness solutions incorporating GEMS (Genetic Enzymatic Methylation Syndrome).

This program was created for those willing to and a solution to the underlying cause of their medical problems. The current paradigm in traditional medicine has not yet embraced epigenetic science and most (synthetic) pharmaceutical drugs do not treat the underlying cause of disease.

Our approach is to identify the cause of your ailments through detailed medical history and highly sophisticated testing. Through this comprehensive approach, our goal is to identify what is causing your symptoms and by doing so, reduce or eliminate the great suffering you have endured these many years with your clinical condition. 

We are leading the edge of the
Diagnostic Eye Technology

Our organization is at the leading edge of diagnostic eye technology. We are also leaders in the number of new Non-Surgical Corneal Molding patients.

We proudly serve many new patients that choose this vision correction modality every month.

We believe that it is more important to treat the person who has the disease than the disease that the person has.

We work with our patients in a very personalized way, we believe in a patient-centered health care model, rather than a disease-centered one.

Dr. Arroyo has a special interest in clinical nutrition and integrative medicine, applied to common acute and chronic eye conditions and ailments. You may expect a custom, individualized approach to your eye problem.

Dr. Arroyo has designed personalized protocols that involve complementary medical alternatives.

The objective is to identify the cause of disease and provide the body with natural elements that will assist it in correcting itself.

Epigenetics, clinical nutrition, and the new healthcare paradigm of the XXI century, bioenergetics, and information medicine are now used with remarkable success.